Established in 2007, JOOZOOR TV rapidly became one of the leading content aggregators and channel distributors of major broadcasters and content owners via its proprietary OTT/IPTV infrastructure; reaching global but niche markets with 24/7 high quality international programming. Delivered directly to JOOZOOR’s IPTV set top boxes, SMART television sets, SMART handheld devices and tablets without the use of satellite dishes or antennas, but by utilizing existing high speed internet connectivity to the home.

JOOZOOR TV makes it much easier on the user to add high quality video content to existing internet functions that are already used and utilized by consumers at their homes, avoiding any additional connections fees, installation charges or special satellite and dish equipment that can be prohibited in some areas and at high rise buildings as well as apartment complex.

Through the years, the company has been committed to providing customers and partners alike with superior value in services. From content aggregation, 24/7 full time satellite channels’ distribution, VOD, international and domestic content broadcasting and redistribution via OTT/IPTV, to multimedia platforms and value-added SMART application solutions via SMART devices and screens, JOOZOOR TV managed to build its own ecosystem of entertainment to all of its viewers .

JOOZOOR’s focus has always been the international communities’ unique blend of cultures and the foundation of its values. Today, the company able to deliver top leading programmers’ content to diasporas around the world on multi-platforms and SMART devices with local flavor, ground representatives support in almost all major markets.

Because of its lengthy experience, JOOZOOR TV has become the trusted choice of broadcasters for satellite distribution, cable distribution, IPTV distribution, system integration, subscriber acquisition and subscriber management services domestically and abroad. Today, JOOZOOR TV distributes more than 600 major and leading television channels on its OTT/IPTV platforms and more than 47 leading television channels on satellite. We tailor our product and deliver it in order to suit all existing and emerging technologies for each of our channel partners and users.

The company focuses on always enhancing its products and services to fit the demands of its viewers and their changing viewing habits. JOOZOOR TV does so, by partnering with major operators and ISP providers both domestically and internationally to fuel its growth and to reduce its cost of operations so that more savings are then passed on to customers and broadcasters on all levels and platforms such as:

  • DTH Distribution
  • Cable Distribution
  • IPTV Distribution
  • Subscription Management Services

At JOOZOOR TV, we measure our performance by the success of our broadcasters and the satisfaction of our viewers.