Hot Bird @ 13 Degrees East

Regions Covered: Europe, North Africa, Middle East

HOT BIRD’s video neighborhood hosts 13 premium platforms, over 600 pay-tv channels, almost 500 free-to-air channels and over 150 HDTV channels. In addition to broadcasting television services, the system provides over 500 radio stations and multimedia services. Its Direct-To-Home reception can be received with antennae smaller than 70 cm, and with slightly larger antennas throughout Europe, North Africa and North Asia.

Eutelsat 7.3/ 8W @ 7.3/8.0 Degrees West (NileSat Neighborhood)

Regions Covered: South Europe, Africa, Middle East

The 7/8° West neighborhood is one of the most dynamic in the global satellite TV market, with a rapidly growing audience and channel line-up. 52 million homes in North Africa and the Middle East are already equipped for DTH reception of more than 1300 leading Arabic and international channels.

YAhsat @ 52.5 East

Regions Covered: Middle East, North Africa

Yahsat 1A is part of the joint venture named Yahlive combining both the energy and values of Yahsat and SES. The satellite provides capacity mainly for the transmission of broadcast services. Yahsat 1A is located at 52.5° East covering the Middle East, North Africa, Southwest Asia and Europe. It has become the hotspot for major leading Persian television channels in the region and abroad.

Galaxy 19 @ 97 Degrees West

Regions Covered: North America, Mexico and Islands

Galaxy 19 is a DTH satellite owned by Intelsat located at 97° West longitude, serving the North American market with more than 300 domestic and International Television channels.

Thaicom 5 @ 78.5 East, C-Band

Regions Covered: Pan Asia and Middle East

THAICOM 5 is the Thaicom’s "Hot Bird" satellite for broadcast and media services. Global beam coverage on THAICOM 5 spans over four continents and can service users in Asia, Europe, Australia and Africa. The congested THAICOM 5 satellite enjoys overwhelming demand.

Eutelsat 7B @ 7 Degrees East

Regions Covered: Europe and Middle East

EUTELSAT 7B is co-located with the EUTELSAT 7A satellite at this new orbital hotspot for customers in South-East Europe, Turkey, the Middle East, Sub-Saharan Africa and the Indian Ocean providing a number of leading television channels.

Hispasat @30 West

Regions Covered: Europe and the Americas with Focus on Latin America.

The Hispasat 30W-4 (Hispasat 1D) satellite, launched on September 18, 2002, is located at 30 º West orbital window. It adds 28 Ku-band transponders to the HISPASAT satellite system, 6 of them with American and transatlantic connectivity. It also has a beam over the Middle East, which allows, via a double leap, access to Asian satellites for our American and European clients (and vice versa), achieving virtually global connectivity.

Eutelsat 21B @ 21.5 East

Regions Covered: Middle East and Europe

EUTELSAT 21B was built by prime contractor Thales Alenia Space for Eutelsat Communications. It provides Ku-band telecommunications, data, broadband and video services over Europe, North Africa and Middle East. It’s ideal for delivering your signal to satellite and cable operators in the region.